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Wix Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Air Filter 46353

About this item

Today's fleets use a wide-range of air filter designs that aide in removing contaminants from the incoming air supply. Using the incorrect air filter can be harmful to the engine and impact performance of the diesel engine and reduce performance. WIX Heavy Duty Air filters are built to perform and provide efficient engine protection in hard-working environments encountered every day. Engineered for direct replacement OE spec air filters with proven efficiency and performance over the life of the engine.
OE Part Number MACK: 57MD46M, MACK: 2MD4139M, MACK: 57MD48M, MACK: 81SF28
Height (in) 25.250
Length (in) 9.250
Width (in) 9.250
Weight (lbs) 7.130
Inner Diameter Bottom (in) 5.810
Outer Diameter Bottom (in) 9.250
Outer Diameter Top (in) 9.250